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matera fal central station

matera fal central station



Stefano Boeri Architetti


Piazza della Visitazione, Matera, Italy




Preliminary Design, Final Design,Detailed Design, Architectural design, Engineering and Structural design


Above-ground building 472 sqm; Underground building (both station and tunnel platform) 1,956 sqm; External accommodations: 2,180 sqm; Shelter surface: 1,510 sqm


Stefano Boeri Architetti:
Arch. Stefano Boeri
Arch. Marco Giorgio, Arch. Maddalena Maraffi, Arch. Bogdan Peric, Arch. Elisabetta Zuccala, Arch. Stefano Floris, Arch. Esteban Marquez, Arch. Daniele Barillari, Arch. Agostino Bucci

SCE Project (Progetto Strutture), ESA Engineering (Progetto Impianti), GAD (Cost Analysis), Studio Laura Gatti (Progettazione del Paesaggio)
Studio Lapacciana (Progettazione antincendio), Arch. Angelo Francione (Pratiche amministrative e coordinamento della sicurezza), Apogeo (Indagini geologiche e rilievi topografici), Ing. Ciammarusti (Assistenza progettazione strutturale)

The project consists of the structural renovation of the actual Matera Central FAL railway station, (one of the three FAL Bari – Matera stations serving the city)  through an aesthetic and functional redevelopment together with technological upgrading of the railway itself.

The project is intended  to give greater visibility to the Matera Central FAL Railway Station which is no longer to be considered simply as a necessary service structure sufficient for the railway connection, but a genuine and significant urban landmark, adapted to the primary urban and territorial function that the new service aspires to fulfill in step with the important role that the City of Matera is going to represent in Europe.

The New Station is designed to become a recognizable public space, an integral part of the pedestrian square that is reconfigured and redeveloped and directly connected to the main access routes to the historic city centre located a short distance away.

A large rectangular opening in the roof of the underground gallery roof, covering about 440 square metres, directly connects the two above and below ground parts of the station bringing natural light and air to the completely redeveloped underground tunnel.

This important first step in the renovation process is linked to a new building that performs all the reception functions, ticketing, connections and services offered by the station as well as the main visible element, a large new roof of 44 mts by 33 mts and about 12 mts in height. This shelter transforms the external space into a covered square usable by travellers, residents and tourists who can enjoy a new public space for meeting, waiting, passing through or just walking and which finally breathes new life into an important section of the city that has historically been devoid of its own identity and urban value.

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