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On the Officiel an article that presents the green thinking of Stefano Boeri, author of the Vertical Forest in Milan and convinced supporter of urban projects that combat climate change, including the Vertical Forest of Paris, Lausanne, Tirana, Cairo and Nanjing and forest cities such as the Smart Forest City of Cancun. The architect, very involved in the creation and planning of sustainable urban spaces, considers the recognition assigned by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat to the Vertical Forest of Milan as a prize for the idea that living nature can become not only a decorative but essential component of architecture and a symbol of the increasingly widespread trend towards Urban Forestry.

The multiplicity of actors, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals who revolve around the themes of Urban Forestry shows the importance of projects at different scales, from the urban one with ForestaMi to the global one with the Great Green Wall of Cities.

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