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la maddalena waterfront

la maddalena waterfront





La Maddalena, Sardegna






Moving the ferry terminal from the waterfront in Punta Chiara Amendola, opens a range of new possibilities for the enhancement of the Waterfront of La Maddalena. Our project investigated the use and interrelation of four main coastal areas:The port: to walk and access to boat docks.

1. The road: the vehicular traffic.

2. The pedestrian and commercial: shopping: parking, terraces, and movement along the sea.

3. The historic: for the crossing of urban central areas of La Maddalena.

In particular, regarding the the port, the request was to strengthen and extend it – with allocation of services and urban furniture – along the promenade, providing, where necessary, a cantilever quay for the mooring of vessels, allowing pedestrians to use the whole space on the current quay. Overall, the new port of La Maddalena will host 171 berths, for private and small boats.
The second band, the road network for road traffic, will be redesigned in order to rationalize and strengthen the system of car parking, without reducing the pedestrian promenade and access to boats.

In addition to these, there are two more actions that aim to establish a new relationship between the artificial landscape of the port and the unique natural landscape of the archipelago.

In either cases, the project involves the construction of public places for the relationship between the coast and the sea.

The “rooms of wind” are a series of enclosed spaces without a roof to house a unique space along the seafront with a selection of autochthonous plants. These are resting places, to rest with the wind, and contemplate the clouds and the sea. But also areas for sensorial regeneration, to touch and smell the colours of the archipelago.

The “satellite port” is a system of equipped floating platforms, intended for various temporary uses, which can be used along the beachfront of La Maddalena or other sensitive points of the archipelago, according to a logical connection that enables them to be: a widening of the terrace along the quay, a connection bridge between the islands or an island for mooring and service of boats.