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smart city lab
interview with francesca cesa bianchi

On Smart City Lab a full interview with Francesca Cesa Bianchi, partner of the Stefano Boeri Architetti studio, in which she tells how to introduce nature into buildings and cities around the world. Its two main projects, Vertical ForestING and Urban Forestry, have already made their mark in Europe, Asia, America and Africa, proposing various strategies that can be combined with each other. The objective is that public spaces, such as squares, can accommodate more trees and plants and less concrete inside them and to open new lanes for pedestrians or public transport, in which to integrate large portions of nature.

Some projects – designed to make existing cities greener – mix with others, planned to be included in new urban areas, where architecture generates spaces based on sustainability criteria. All changes considered to affect the wellbeing of thousands of people. As an example, the urban plans for Tirana 2030 or the Smart Forest City of Cancun. Cities and buildings hypothesized to welcome both trees and humans, offering opportunities to live in environments with high aesthetic and energy comfort, such as the well-known Vertical Forest of Milan and the Trudo Vertical Forest of Eindhoven, now under construction.

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