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Video cctv 2 | from vertical forest to forest city

cctv 2
from vertical forest to forest city

The Chinese national television channel CCTV2 interviewed the architect Stefano Boeri and Matteo Ravà, managing director of Coima Sgr, developper of Milan Vertical Forest designed by Boeri Studio. Both of them bring  their own point of view: the first one highlighting the importance of  sustainable design and the second one the strategic relevance of the urban development of Porta Nuova area.

The Vertical Forest is a building that promotes the integration between architecture and nature in urban areas and the creation of complex urban ecosystems.

The architect is already at work on different projects that, starting from the design experience of this type of “green buildings”, could transform the cities in real Forest Cities in the next future.

“In China, Mexico and Egypt, we are going ahead with projects of Forest Cities where there will be no longer a border between living nature and building, but a total fusion betwenn the two elements: the artifcial and the natural one. The new settlements can accommodate more than 50,000 people, they will be new schools, residences and offices also with different heights, where the vegetal element will be naturally essential.” this is the way Stefano Boeri closes the interview with chinese journalist Li Yaoyang.

The full episode on CCTV2: