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time park mitino

time park mitino



Stefano Boeri Architetti srl + TM Tvorcheskaja Masterskaja


Moscow, RUSSIA




Archpolis and United Direction of Moscow parks


Landscape park




127 ha


Stefano Boeri Architetti
Stefano Boeri
Michele Brunello

Project leader:
Hana Narvaez

Design team:
Anastasia Kucherova
Massimiliano Savino

In collaboration with:
TM Tvorcheskaja Masterskaja

Time Park is a green oasis in the city where the speed of time flow progressively slows down by approaching its heart.

Heart of the Time Park is a place for contemplation and relaxation in nature’s lap that is embraced and protected by the green belt, hosting faster and more dynamic activities such as sport and urban functions. It was the wonderful nature of the park to inspire the concept of Time Park. We have identified five areas that make you slow down while having a walk. These special moments reflect the variety of interests of the park visitors – of all ages and lifestyles. These attractions are connected with the heart of the park by a multi-purpose path, following the expressive landscape of Mitino.

Everyone will find his/her own attraction in the Time Park:

– Take your time being a part of urban life;
– Take your time discovering the history of your park;
– Take your time experiencing the special events in the pop-up square on the water. Skate in winter and swim in summer;
– Take your time enjoying the wild nature in the biodiversity area;
– Take your time feeling excited riding your mountain bike.

Attraction points and perimetrical routes guarantee the connection of the park with the urban context, while the new multi-use path serves as a connection with the heart of the park. Mitino park will become an element of Moscow’s network of public spaces.

In Mitino everyone can slow down a bit and enjoy his/her time!