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the future of living and the planet of the future

the future of living and the planet of the future



Stefano Boeri Architetti


Milan, Italy




Concept and Design
Stefano Boeri Architetti

Art Director
Stefano Boeri

Project Manager
Giorgio Donà

Dino Polverino, Jacopo Abbate, Esteban Marquez, Martina Mitrovic, Stella Sblendorio, Chiara Tomasin

Camilla Pusateri, Carlotta Franco, Anastasia Kucherova

Guido Musante

At The Mall, a subterranean space in the heart of the Innovation Design District, Stefano Boeri Architetti curated a set-up of space&interiors, the MADE Expo exhibition space at the Fuorisalone 2018, under this year’s title “the Future of Living and the Planet of the Future”.

Thanks to an installation inspired by the atmosphere of the Red Planet, Stefano Boeri Architetti will bring the companies and their products to Mars for five days, juxtaposing them with the science fiction image constructed by the cinema – thanks to the montage work of Davide Rapp and Giorgio Zangrandi.

“The Future of Living and the Planet of the Future” will test the forecasting abilities of producers and designers, inviting them to decipher the future of living. Those who design the spaces, in fact, explore an unfamiliar world, and must be ready to anticipate and interpret the unknown.

Descending into the underground of The Mall, the visitor will experience the sensation of boarding a space ship and being projected into an immersive environment, a large fluid space (that transcends the rigidity of the exhibition structure) within which the spaces and products of the homes of the future will be presented.

A scenario of creative experimentation which we may be forced to experience due to the adverse consequences of climate change, beginning with the rise in ocean level, that could oblige us, in the near future, to consider colonizing Mars. A science fiction tinged future, but much more realistic than what we can imagine today.

During the event, there will be alternating moments of debate and study with important names from the international technical and scientific panorama.

April 17th- 22nd, 2018

Piazza Lina Bo Bardi, 1



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