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due | dnd

due | dnd



Stefano Boeri Architetti





Concept and Design
Stefano Boeri Architetti

Art Direction
Stefano Boeri

Project Manager
Giorgio Donà

Camilla Pusateri, Carlotta Franco, Anastasia Kucherova, Guoyin Jiang

Guido Musante

An archetypal handle reduces the number and the geometries of its components at a minimum.

The handle, the iconic complementary furnishing item, sythesizes the first moment of contact with the architecture and the takeover of the space, prelude to the transition from a place to another. The DUE handle design, conceived by Stefano Boeri Architetti for Dnd, takes, therefore, the form of an “archetypal handle”, a small architecture able to conceptually act as an ideal bridge between the human body, industrial design and architecture. So its shape becomes primal through the transformation of its two traditional functional elements – the handle and the escutcheon – into a pair of perfectly identical thin parallelepiteds, a solution of essential sculptural strength allowing, moreover, a combination of different materials, finishes and colours for its components, in line with the quintessential CMF Design philosophy. At the same time, the formal synthesis work reduces to a degree close to zero the interrelation with the door and the environment, overcoming thus the style and placement context factors: a universal application of the handle. The name “DUE”/ “TWO” – “TO” encompasses an ambivalent reading: if, on the one hand, in Italian, identifies the minimum number of macro-elements the object is made up of, on the other hand, in English, it may hint at a direction: from a room to another, but also at a new dimension of the project. DUE can therefore also be read as 2.0: the complementary furnishing item’s further evolution.


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