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regenerate mantua

regenerate mantua



Stefano Boeri Architetti


Mantua, Italy




Municipality of Mantua


Waterfront requalification


Feasibility study, concept design


130,563 sqm


Project leader: Corrado Longa
Team: Hana Narvaez, Guilia Chiatante, Daniele Barillari

Regenerate doesn’t mean to rebuild or build within an area, but also to discover and to innovate, while creating a network that brings together the existing built environment, the landscapes, the economic and cultural functions. The project for Mantua waterfront is a research on the nature of space between the city of Mantua and the water of the Lower Lake. Redeveloping a system of underused, abandoned and derelict spaces, the project identifies a new territory “in-between” the city and the water, as a sequence of public spaces, each of which with its own specific urban public function and built through a strong public-private alliance
To easy the coexistence of an active marina and the contemporary city, the project envisions an intermediate space, which preserves the distinctive nature of the two separate worlds, while absorbing some features of each other, resources and energy. Rethinking this space means to articulate a “transition space” in order to accommodate and connect the characters of the urban and natural surrounding systems, without asserting the prevalence of one over another.
The three new squares proposed by the project not only constitute a new system of public spaces for Mantua, but also summarize some of the main characteristics and values of Mantua’s territory: its relationship with water, with land and food production, the presence of nature and culture.
In fact, the new territory “in-between” interacts – even on a large scale – with both the city and the water, strengthening the network of tourist boats, taking part in the daily life of the city, through  its cultural and productive paths.