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The Polcevera Park and the Red Circle

The Polcevera Park and the Red Circle


Project sheet



Stefano Boeri Architetti, Metrogramma Milano, Inside Outside | Petra Blaisse


Genoa, Italy




Project credits:

STEFANO BOERI ARCHITETTI (Group leader/urban projects)
Stefano Boeri (Founding Partner) Marco Giorgio (Partner) con Sara Gangemi (Project leader), Moataz Faissal Farid (Senior architect), Francesca Pincella (Junior architect), Jacopo Colatarci (Junior architect)

METROGRAMMA MILANO (Architectural Design)
Andrea Boschetti (Founding Partner) con Francesco Betta (Technical Director), Arianna Piva (Project Leader), Andrea G. Bulloni (Architect), Anna Bartolaccio (Architect), Andrea Casazza (Architect), Andrea Roma (Architect)

Petra Blaisse (Founding Partner and lead designer) with Desirée Pierluigi (architect), Camilla Panzeri and with Jana Crepon (Partner and landscape project leader)


MIC | Mobility in Chain (Mobility, traffic, infrastructures)
Federico Parolotto (Senior Partner), Giuseppe Andrea Vallelonga (Senior Consultant), Gaia Sgaramella (Consultant), Gloriana Barboza (Consultant), Loris Sciacchitano (Consultant)

Studio Laura Gatti (Agronomist and Environmental Requalifiation)
Laura Gatti (Founder), Marco Peterle (Senior agronomist), Luca Leporati (Agronomist), Silvia Isacco (Senior Architect)

Transsolar Energietechnik (Environmental comfort and Energy efficiency)
Tommaso Bitossi (Project Manager), Clara Bondi (Junior Engineer), Thomas Auer (Founding Partner)

Antonio Secondo Accotto (Geologist)

H&A Associati (Urban transformation and economic assessments)
Carlo Pagan (Founder & Partner and CEO of MESA srl), Alessia Mangialardo (Senior Architect)

Studio Luca Vitone (Artist)

Tempo Riuso (Participatory processes)
Isabella Inti (CEO), Giulia Cantaluppi (funding partner), Camilla Ponzano (senior architect)

The Big Picture, Renovatio design

46xy - Mario Piazza / Lorenzo Mazzali

A Red Steel Circle. A ring that embraces, passing under the new bridge designed by Renzo Piano, an area of iron, water, concrete and asphalt. The Polcevera Park and the Red Circle has been designed as a system of parks with different ecologies and infrastructures for sustainable mobility, with the aim of overturning the current image of the valley through a symbolic and manifest element of an “urban sewing-together” between the two sides of the valley. The intervention changes shape throughout: sometimes it is a walkway, a raised square, an access and exit ramp, a corridor between buildings or an underground path able to connect all the different areas and thereby highlighting the nature of this vast urban botanical park. Thus a newly regenerated and rethought place becomes first of all a device for relationships and the distribution of renewable energy: a cycle-pedestrian system 1,570 metres long, 6 metres wide and with a diameter of 250 metres opens up to embrace the neighbourhood at the new Station. A 120 metre high wind tower has been designed to close the route and house a complex of wind turbines, promoting the production of clean and renewable energy.

A combination of well-tested architectural and landscape elements collect and distribute the energy produced by thermal and photovoltaic solar collectors present on the roofs of buildings, along with piezometric floors which symbolically contribute to the energy balance as well as the Wind Tower itself. Overall the intervention has the objective of reconstruction both from an architectural and urban point of view but above all socially: a renaissance of quality in terms of forms and services, designed especially for the people who live and work there. The new Polcevera Park energy network comprises a system of parks whose vision encapsulates the characteristic Mediterranean style colours and scents of which Genoa is a world-renowned symbol. The aim is to rebuild a cohesive, socially active urban system, innovative enough to revitalize not only the immediate area itself but also to become an attraction for the surrounding areas.

The architectural plan consists of the planning of World Buildings, in other words large clusters with a varied functional mix and featuring a streamlined yet recognizable architectural language. Inspired by industrial architecture and the blue of the Mediterranean, the buildings are clad with sustainable materials and the large roofs offer ample surfaces for the production of renewable energy. The Red Steel Circle thus becomes part of a network of sustainable mobility, in which pedestrian cycle paths, smart mobility lanes, shared surfaces and intelligent parking areas interact as the manifesto of a strategy that feeds on the close correlation with the territory to which it is applied. The partnership between the different professional companies including – in addition to Stefano Boeri Architetti – Metrogramma, Inside Outside and the Studio Laura Gatti, allows the creation of a complete project that is aware and capable of going into fine detail in each of the various technological, geological, energy and environmental sectors. At the heart of the Polcevera Park, an installation will also be created conceived by the artist Luca Vitone named “Genova nel Bosco – Genova in the Wood” which sees the planting of 43 trees in memory of the victims of the Ponte Morandi tragedy and as a symbol of the city’s indomitable strength.

On the other hand the landscape design presents a structure with parallel strips that give order to the entire site and form a botanical park where each strip, whose width varies from 7 to 20 metres, is outlined and flanked by a path that changes to represent a different type of garden thereby increasing the biodiversity of the whole area. The experiences planned for the residents are numerous and varied in addition to the activities allowed by the equipment present: within the project it will be possible to do sport, play, collect flowers and fruit, take advantage of areas dedicated to animals and games as well as educational aspects and socializing. A further zigzag path runs perpendicular to the linear gardens and becomes the only possible connection between the East and West extremities, until it reaches the Red Circle which intersects all the strips and creates hitherto impossible connections allowing cyclists and pedestrians to move everywhere with previously unimaginable ease.

All the green areas and squares have been designed to absorb drain and rainwater; the excess will be stored and destined for other uses such as irrigation both for a practical and sustainable purpose and to give a symbolic value linked to a new landscape, as an image of the resilience of an entire city. The whole of the Polcevera Park and the Red Circle, together with the Torre del Vento and the World Buildings thereby become a new centre around which a neighbourhood is reborn, designed as a living community with relationships and interaction, becoming the tangible greeting of the city of Genoa to the passers-by of the future.

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