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Woodland | Milan

Woodland Milan



Stefano Boeri Architetti


Infiniti Design



The Italian design brand Infiniti celebrates in 2019 the tenth year of presence at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. On this occasion, the collaboration with Stefano Boeri Architetti leads to a new wooden installation.

The result is a unique exhibition that extends in a large space of 400 square meters open on four sides.Woodland is made with wooden poles of different heights that define multiple environments or “rooms” where Infiniti products are exposed and can be experienced. The thickening of the poles creates intimate and sheltered spaces compared to the crowdy set of the Salone’s visitors, but when the poles are thinning, Woodland opens completely outwards inviting visitors to enter.

In this way, Woodland gives life to a permeable and inclusive place, where the seats design new ways of living not only the home, but also the world of hospitality and office, where design becomes a tool to get in touch with a new approach of looking at space and environment.

“Wood is not only intimacy and warmth, but it is also the ecological material for excellence. Compared to other elements, wood is alive, able to adapt to every processing and every use, preserving its natural and physical state. A material capable of regrowth, which can be obtained ecologically, can last for a long time and, due to its biodegradability, can be reintegrated into the natural cycle at the end of its use. Precisely this versatility has allowed us to create, in tune with Infiniti Design, an open and permeable space.” Stefano Boeri

Woodland is entirely realized with wood from the Italian company Innova FVG.