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a new stadium for genoa

a new stadium for genoa



Boeri studio (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, Giovanni La Varra)


Genoa, Italy




Client: Golfo s.r.l. e Foruminvest Italia s.r.l. / Forum Liguria s.r.l.: San Quirico S.p.A. - Foruminvest Italia S.r.l. (Project promoter); Giacomazzi S.p.A. (Advisor)


Feasibility study


stadium, shopping mall, merchandise, sala riunioni, ristorazione, sky lounge, spazi per eventi, skybox

Project data

35.000 mq, n. posti: 34.149


Boeri Studio (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, Giovanni La Varra)

Daniele Barillari (ccordinator)

Marco Brega

Francesca Cesa Bianchi

Fabiano Continanza

and Studio Apice (Alessadro Cristalli, Alessandra Zuppa) in collaboration with T.T.A S.r.l., Sport Investment Group S.r.l, A.Valentini, Studio Legale Giorni e Studio legale Ghibellini.

The New Stadium for Genoa is conceived as a multifunctional complex including a 35,000-spectator football stadium, complying with all of the UEFA new security regulations, and 40,000 sqm of trade, leisure, service and parking facilities.

The novelty of the stadium lies in the rich articulation of its three different levels, all of which are inhabitable: the football pitch level, the differentiated stand-seat levels and the large suspended and inhabitable cover with a capacity of approximately 5,000 sqm of services and commerce accessible to the public, even in the absence of a football match or other events. At the same time the outer part of the stadium is also able to take advantage of this multileveled articulation through a series of elevated pedestrian walkways that will connect the stadium with the new railway station, the Erzelli funicular, the airport and the shopping center’s large green rooftop park.

The project for the New Stadium for Genoa is located in Sestri Ponente, within a context of great transformative potential. The prospect of the new tourist port, the existence of the technological hub of the IIT at Erzelli and the renovation of the area of the Riva steel mill, make it easy to imagine a context of dynamic development where the construction of the new stadium represents an element of articulation and intensification.

The necessary strengthening of the infrastructural system and the realization of pedestrian connections, correlated with the sports ground, can be seen as a most needed resource for the organization of the future interventions, while the existing structures, such as the airport, are recognized as important assets for the valorization of new urban relations for this area of the city. The favorable position of the site, within the metropolitan context along with the forecast transformations, concur to create the expectation that the realization of the New Stadium in Genoa may constitute a novel and strong element of urban centrality for Genoa.