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recovery of the farming routes

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Rai News website shows the report aired on TGR 1 dedicated to the presentation of the “Recovery and enhancement of the farming routes” project in Molise, during the first meeting between local institutions and representatives of professional firms – Technital, Cooprogetti, Mate, Studiosilva, Stefano Boeri Architetti, Architect Luigi Valente, Geoprove and Nostoi.

The project has a large group of designers called to work along three main axes: the sheep-tracks, the villages and the roads. Also involved in the project are the Molise Region and Unimol, which will have the task of providing the narrative tools for each reality: the goal is to complete the project by 2024, to enhance the ancient transhumance routes, villages and roads of Molise, starting work in 2025.

“The issue of depopulation is a topic of great attention: the territory must become attractive again, generate work and above all daily life for people. From this point of view, the farming routes are definitely a plus point compared to other territories,” says Corrado Longa, director of the Department of Urban Planning at Stefano Boeri Architetti.

“After we have the executive design, tenders will be called for the execution of the planned works, i.e. the restoration of the sheep-tracks to be used for slow tourism and the strengthening of accommodation activities in the villages,” announces the mayor of Campodipietra.

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