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San Marino 2023 su Corriere Romagna

In Corriere Romagna, following the flooding that violently hit the eastern area of the region, the guidelines of Stefano Boeri Architetti’s proposal for the San Marino 2030 Regulatory Plan are reported.

The plan envisages not only territorial and urban development, but also a study by professional geologists to identify hydrogeological risk zones and limited soil sealing and consumption (with a 30% recovery of underused real estate), which proved to be two of the main factors in the worsening disaster in Romagna.

Such anthropisation of the soil, on the other hand, has profoundly altered the natural layout: wooded areas (reduced to 10% of the total) are thus extremely fragmented and the quality of water in the streams is strongly compromised by urban and industrial discharges. Therefore, SM2030 proposes a strengthening of the ecological-territorial system, acting first of all through the networking of its valuable elements. The geological matrix of San Marino is characterised by the widespread presence of gullies – 11% of the territory – and by frequent landslide phenomena caused by the poor maintenance of the land and its abandonment. To cope with this condition, the project provides for the identification of areas of potential instability and particular seismic vulnerability. These are then subject to the definition of rules aimed at making them safe, also with respect to natural disasters.

“I think that tragedies such as those that have occurred, which are highly likely to be repeated in the future, should push the citizens of San Marino to demand that the plan we have presented become a reality, because it avoids further consumption and soil sealing, which, as we know, is one of the triggering effects of the floods we have seen in recent days,” concludes Stefano Boeri.

The news was also reported by Libertas, Il Resto del Carlino, San Marino TV and Corriere di Romagna again, with another article.