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Trudo Vertical Forest su Il Corriere della Sera

In Il Corriere della Sera, an article by Micol Sarfatti presents Trudo Vertical Forest, Stefano Boeri Architetti’s project for the first Vertical Forest dedicated to social housing in Eindhoven.

The article focuses on the social accessibility of the building, which makes the Vertical Forest typology accessible to everyone, even low-income tenants, demonstrating how living in contact with trees and greenery is not an exclusive prerogative, but can indeed become a possible choice for citizens with very different economic backgrounds.

Designed to accommodate mainly low-income users – such as young professionals and students – the Eindhoven tower houses flats with low rent (EUR 640 per month) but high quality housing.
In order to participate in the flat allocation process, it is also necessary to submit a letter of motivation and a support project for the neighbourhood community: cultural initiatives, courses, support for weaker categories.
The building designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti houses 125 social housing units on 19 floors, flexible to meet future needs and capable of defining new housing standards for the sector. Each flat has a limited surface area calibrated to the type of users for whom it is intended (less than 50 square metres), while having the spatial extension offered by terraces of more than 4 square metres and the natural micro-environment formed by the presence on each of 1 tree and 20 bushes. All in all, the Trudo Vertical Forest residential tower houses 135 trees of various species on its four façades, spread over an altitude of 75 metres, plus about 5,200 shrubs and smaller plants and other vegetation, for a total of about 8,500 plants.

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