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Press release corriere della sera | the building of norcia is not abusive

corriere della sera
the building of norcia is not abusive

March 16th, 2018

The Multifunctional and Civil Protection Center of Norcia doesn’t violate any post-earthquake regulations. This is the confirmation that comes from the statements of Civil Protection and the architect Stefano Boeri, and at the same time, from the author of the Consolidated Rules.

The project, carried out in record time and free of charge in a tragic moment of emergency, such as that of the earthquake that hit central Italy in 2016, aims to ensure the continuity of public services as required by the ordinance 389 issued on August 28th, 2016 to create temporary structures also in derogation from urban planning and landscape regulations. This is a demonstration of “the misunderstanding” – as Boeri has defined it – of the prosecution of Spoleto prosecutor against the architect who directed the works, and the mayor Nicola Alemanno, for having granted the area that falls in the Sibillini Mountains Park , as the whole Municipality of Norcia does, and that it would have required a landscape authorization.

The other point of the accusation concerns the non-temporal nature of the work, which is composed of a wooden structure and panels, mounted dry and self-propelled, entirely disassemblable, including the plants and a lightweight foundation system that makes the structure solid and resistant to the earthquakes, therefore absolutely essential for its stability and security.

The Civil Protection, however, recalls that the European Union specified that the implementation of provisional measures should be understood as the establishment of structures that are likely to be used, even lasting, at least until the reconstruction works guarantee a return to the previous conditions. And if today this safe place hosts the activities of the Municipal Council, as well as most of the aggregative, cultural and social activities, it must guarantee durability, even if dismountable.

It therefore opens the possibility that the building might be returned to the community, which already claims it. And the magistrates begin to weigh the idea of ​​removing the seals. We hope that the theater season will bring back leisure and lightness in these lands.