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Press release archdaily brazil | vertical forest sets new living standards

archdaily brazil
vertical forest sets new living standards

Archdaily Brazil publishes the Trudo Vertical Forest designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti in Eindhoven which will be the first model of Vertical Forest for social housing project. The green building sets new living standards, each habitant living in the foliage-filled tower will be able to have the exclusive benefit of 1 tree, 20 shrubs and over 4 sqm of terrace.

The Trudo Vertical Forest is the first project offering the possibility of living sustainable to the young and less wealthy citizens. “The high-rise building of Eindhoven confirms that it is possible to combine the great challenges of climate change with those of housing shortages. Urban forestry is not only necessary to improve the environment of the world’s cities but also an opportunity to improve the living conditions of less fortunate city dwellers” declares Stefano Boeri.