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smart forest city cancun

Smart Forest City di Cancun su aasarchitecture

Architectural Digest magazine devotes an article to cities of the future, listing six examples of futuristic design, including the Smart Forest City in Cancun, conceived by Stefano Boeri Archietti as a new Forest City in Mexico.

The Smart Forest City, which echoes the Mayan heritage and this culture’s relationship with the natural world, is envisioned as an energy self-sufficient settlement.
Cancun’s Smart Forest City covers 557 hectares, and is capable of housing up to 130,000 inhabitants. The metropolitan area accommodates 362 hectares of plant surfaces and 120,000 plants belonging to 350 different species, on the design of an open and international city inspired by the values of technological innovation and environmental quality.

The project is conceived according to the principles of a Non-Deterministic Urbanism: having defined the major invariants of the urban structure – related to energy infrastructure, mobility, greenery, the presence of the main research and development nuclei, the right of each inhabitant to have all services available at a congruous pedestrian and bicycle distance – the city provides for great flexibility in the distribution of different building and architectural types. Smart Forest City in Cancun is presented as a botanical garden, within a contemporary city, based on the local traditional heritage and its relationship with the natural and sacred world. An urban ecosystem in which nature and the city act as a single organism, leaving room for wild vegetation, considered as a key element in the design.

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