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I Colori del Mondo (The Colours of the World) is Stefano Boeri‘s intervention in the fifth issue of Cose Spiegate Bene, the magazine published by the Post in collaboration with the publishing house Iperborea.
The theme of this issue is geography: the relationship between us humans and the Earth we inhabit is constantly changing and what we know of it is also evolving. Geography is present in everyone’s daily life and “knowing how to be in the world” means first of all knowing the spaces near and far and how they affect our lives.

Stefano Boeri’s contribution focuses on a particular way of relating to the world around us: colour blindness.
“The truth is that over the years I have developed a sort of obsession for that part of the world and for those phenomena that – according to the canons of a ‘normal’ chromatic perception – belong to the field of green and brown. […] But obsessions have to be cultivated; and without his work, perhaps I would not have even begun to be passionate about woods, forests, trees, bushes, leaves, meadows, branches… which then became the main materials of my life as an architect. Vital phenomena, distinct from each other in my eyes, yet difficult for me to name and place within rigidly defined colour fields,” concludes Stefano Boeri.

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