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Highlights versus | torre velasca vs pirellone

torre velasca vs pirellone

On the evening of Friday 7 February 2020, an exceptional event for the city of Milan that will feature on the stage of the Oscar Theatre the architects Stefano Boeri and Cino Zucchi, in a dialogue-meeting moderated by a single and super partes referee, in the figure of the mayor Beppe Sala. The cycle of meetings called “Versus” and conceived by Stefano Boeri himself, opens with the contrast of two iconic buildings of the city of Milan: the Torre Velasca VS the Pirellone.

Following the concept that knowing the core of a complex city such as the Lombard capital also means pursuing synthetic interpretations that help to enter unusual spaces in its intimate space, according to the architect of Bosco Verticale, Milan has always manifested itself with a dual soul. There are always two contrasting evidences of its numerous excellences. Competent guests line up, write and interpret a peroration of their way of seeing the urban space, in its complexities and architectural realities, penetrating in a fun way into a particular knowledge of the Lombard metropolis.

The event starts at 20:30, for more information follow the link: