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Highlights trudo vertical forest | press conference

trudo vertical forest
press conference

Eindhoven, October 1st, 2021 – Trudo Vertical Forest – a superbly designed building for, covered in trees and shrubs reaching up to a height of 70 meters, officially opens today, October the 1st, in Eindhoven. The representatives of the Trudo social housing corporation, the architect and urbanist Stefano Boeri – with Francesca Cesa Bianchi, his partner at Stefano Boeri Architetti – and Laura Gatti (botanist and plantation consultant) gave a press conference inside the brand-new building.

Trudo Vertical Forest is based on Stefano Boeri’s earlier design, Bosco Verticale in Milan, inaugurated in 2014. ““The first Vertical Forest of Milan has been described in different ways in recent years: as anti-architecture, or as an Urban Forestry manifesto. In reality, it was first of all an experiment, a prototype of a house for trees, also inhabited by humans (and many bird species). It was an exploration of new ways of how we can relate to each other and to other life forms. A search for a new form for urban renewal, sustainability and greening. It was a great challenge to design this concept in an affordable variant for the residents of the city of Eindhoven. And also a great honor. The Trudo Tower in Eindhoven represents for all of us the achievement of a great goal: to make the Vertical Forest typology, which we are experimenting in different parts of the world, accessible even for tenants with low incomes; to show that living in contact with trees and greenery -and enjoying their advantages- is not the prerogative of rich people but can become a possible choice for millions of citizens of the world”, says Stefano Boeri.