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Highlights the city of the future | stefano boeri

the city of the future
stefano boeri

Stefano Boeri a Le città del Futuro

On Monday, April 22nd, on the occasion of Earth Day, the documentary series “The Cities of the Future” was released on Rai Play, featuring an interview with Stefano Boeri.

Directed by Elena Brunello, “The Cities of the Future” is a series that follows Viola Follini, a young project manager at C40 Cities, the largest global network of cities collaborating to address climate change. Through a journey in four stages, it tells us how urban centers will need to change to become active participants in addressing climate change, transforming into sources of solutions and constructive dialogue.

Stefano Boeri contributes to the third episode, dedicated to the theme of pollution, by addressing climate challenges and adoptable solutions, particularly those related to living nature and its benefits for cities. The focus of the episode is also on the city of Milan, one of the most polluted areas in Europe and a victim of extreme weather events in recent years, partly due to climate change.

“Milan is a metropolis located in a basin. This initially creates a very unfavorable condition in terms of air circulation, for example. In recent years, however, we have experienced extreme events, unfortunately due to a series of consequences of climate change. This initially unfavorable situation has certainly been exacerbated by excessive urbanization and uncontrolled private mobility, accompanied by intensive agriculture, intensive farming, and heating – one of the major causes of air pollution. One of the major themes in the coming years will be shade. Shade is now a scarce resource. And the data tell us that there is a difference of about 30-33 degrees between a surface in asphalt or concrete that is shaded or not. And I believe that cities like Milan will have to deal with this issue. The availability of shade will also play a role in overcoming the significant social inequalities that exist in our cities today.” These are some of Stefano Boeri’s statements.

To watch the full episode: