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Highlights la repubblica delle idee | stefano boeri

la repubblica delle idee
stefano boeri

Stefano Boeri e Carlo Ratti a La Repubblica delle Idee

On Saturday, April 20th, in Naples, the event “La Repubblica delle Idee” took place, featuring a dialogue between Stefano Boeri and Carlo Ratti, architect and director of the Venice Architecture Biennale, moderated by journalist Maurizio Molinari.

The cultural event was conceived in 2012 by the newspaper La Repubblica and focuses each time on a different theme, with prominent figures from culture, politics, industry, and the entertainment world participating. The purpose of the event is to open discussions and identify ideas on how to address social, economic, and political issues of a general nature.

Stefano Boeri and Carlo Ratti engaged in a dialogue on “Inequalities and fractures of humanity,” in line with the theme of the 2025 XXV Triennale Exhibition, seeking to answer the questions: “Inequalities are the wound of democracies. How can cities cope with them? How can they respond to the demand for protection of individuals?”

“What can we do? Avoid ghettos, avoid an excessive concentration of population with the same culture, the same origin in a single space – whether it be a skyscraper or a low-density settlement. This is the key concept of urban planning: redistribution. Income redistribution through spatial planning that allows what we now call mixité, that is, the coexistence of diverse cultures, populations with different life expectancies, origins, and faiths. Also, expectations of social mobility, both within the territory. It’s a difficult exercise, but one that the best urban planning has engaged in, with some important results,” stated Stefano Boeri.

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