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Recolonization Lakes | Kaban

Recolonization Lakes Kaban


Stefano Boeri Architetti


Kazan, Russia




Masterplan, Landscape

Re-colonization is a reflection on the nature of the transition space between the city and the water. The project gives to this space its own character based on the national identity of Kazan and the equilibrium between urban and natural, private and public. The main strategy of the project is a recolonization of the lakes system in order to create a new relationship between the city and its water space, including the events, infrastructure for citizens and tourists and at the same time representing the important platform for research. The tools for Re-colonization are urban and natural aspects. Middle Kaban is the most polluted lake with a great potential of the natural and sportive park. This lake is meant to become the transition from the city to the wild nature. On its banks the project proposes the construction of the research center – an unprecedental platform for water research. The industry that historically developed around the lake is to be converted into sustainable and innovative production. This complex of measures would allow to turn the Middle lake into the center of rowing sports, supported by the network of bycicle and pedestrian routes.
The Upper Kaban lake would become a center of wild nature, with minimal impact of design aimed at improving the infrastructure for leisure. The nearest to the city center Lower lake concentrates the events and urban activities. Functional distribution of the areas and activities along the lakes is strongly connected with the context – thus we develop the Botanical canal, passing through the public zoo as a Biodiversity cluster extending it to the most visited Lower Kaban with floating Biospheras, representing various climatic areas.