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Les Forêts Verticales | Métropoles Biodiverses

Les Forêts Verticales Métropoles Biodiverses




Stefano Boeri Architetti with AdLib Architecture and Fabien Brisson Architect


Lyon, France




208 sqm


Concept design, final and detailed design, artistic direction


CAUE Rhone Métropole


Design and coordination:
Stefano Boeri Architetti

Founder: Stefano Boeri

Project Director: Marco Giorgio

Project Leader: Anastasia Kucherova

Research content: Simone Marchetti, Sofia Paoli
Illustrations, Exhibition set up: Anastasia Kucherova

AdLib Architecture
Founder and Partner: Felix Medina, Laurent Machet
Team: Ariane Caillaud, Hela Yahia

Plan B
Founder: Fabien Brisson

360° film “Vertical Forest” is produced by Surround Vision, as a trailer for the documentary series “Climate changers”.

Photographer: Florent Perroud

“Les Forêts Verticales et Métropoles Biodiverses” is the title of the exhibition curated by Stefano Boeri Architetti on the vision of sustainable city, in relation to a double challenge: the one to fight climate change effects and also the continuous growth of the world population which both deeply affect our Planet.

The exposition, on display from January 29th to April 13th 2019 in Lyon, is dedicated to the work of Stefano Boeri Architetti starting from vertical forests in Italy and all over the world to end up giving a complete vision of all strategies that both on urban and architectural level can contribute to bringing nature into cities and to enhancing urban biodiversity.

The exhibition setup is designed around 5 scale models 1:50 representing the characteristic sections of some Vertical Forests developed by the studio. The entire setup of the space is inspired by the idea of the trees suspended in the air: the supports beneath the models are suspended on the same height of the panels featuring the elevations of 10 iconic projects (Milan Vertical Forest, The Green Towers of Nanjing, Trudo Vertical Forest, Wonderwoods, La Forêt Blanche of Paris, the Vertical Forests of Huanggang and Shanghai. The selection closes with an utopian vision of the Vertical Forest Seeds on Mars 2117). Each panel provides to the visitors the essential information on the environmental impact of the building, its height and formal solution and some basic data on the extension and population of the city it’s located in. Beside the graphic content the exhibition features a series of video telling about the most important experiences of the studio in sustainable urban development, such as strategic plans for Tirana (TR030) and A Green River for Milan. Moreover the visitors have a possibility of experiencing the life at the Vertical Forest, from multiple points of view, thanks to the 360° documentary realized by Surround Vision, in collaboration with Stefano Boeri Architetti.



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