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Hortitecture | Chongqinq

Hortitecture Chongqinq



Chongqinq Hortitecture


Chongqing, China




Chongqing Maotian Jituan


City design and architecture design


General Plan


Stefano Boeri Architetti (China)

Stefano Boeri
Michele Brunello
Yibo Xu

Project Leader:
Alessandro Agosti

Design team:
Julia Gocalek
Moataz Faissal Farid
Hana Narvaez
Shilong Tan

The project is located in a suburban area, which is the one of the last natural areas without development. Facing today such a rapid urbanization, this virgin land urgently needs a solution for its transformation, through eco-design. The concept of “Seeding hortitecture”, turns the project towards the whole growing process of seeds, using new green construction to frame the transformation from the seed to the maturity stage.

This process consists of 8 landscape elements which, connecting to each other, make up a public landscape, and develop the green concept from idea to practice, promoting an effective, inherited and sustainable communication between landscape and architecture. The 8 elements represent separately 8 different circular systems and landscape features, namely: caves, villas, lake, fields, forest, cliff, tower and river. The “Seeding hortitecture” springs out of nature. This design hopes that architecture can adapt to the terrain, just like plants adapt to the environment. The sowing of ecological organic seeds also represents the adaptation to the complex environment and the changeable future space.