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Biomilano | Farms for Expo 2015

Biomilano Farms for Expo 2015



multiplicity.lab, laboratorio di ricerca del DiAP, Politecnico di Milano




Milan, Italy


Renovation of the rural heritage


multiplicity.lab, laboratorio di ricerca del DiAP, Politecnico di Milano, con la collaborazione di Coldiretti, Consorzio Sir, Slow Food, Vita, promosso dal Centro Studi PIM nell'ambito dell'attività istituzionale a favore del Comune di Milano

The project for the renewal of 59 local rundown government owned farms around Milan calls for their transformation into places which symbolize the new relationship between the city and a new form of agriculture. This mixed agriculture is aimed to produce goods for citizens of the area and sees these farms (as with those in Apulia and the area around Rome) as the link between agricultural producers and buyers interested in cooperative forms of production and new products. Milan’s farms can become laboratories where new communities form to experiment with different kinds of practices and research, training and work in the field of agriculture and food production. This project reaches right across the Milanese area and links with the core themes of Expo 2015.