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telecom headquarters renovation

telecom headquarters renovation





Rome, Italy




Telecom s.r.l.


Project leader:
Franesca Cesa Bianchi

Design team:
Maurizio Burragato,
Jacopo Colatarci
Moataz Faissal Farid


1. The outdoor areas.

The project aims to improve the image of the building through a series of interventions designed to get a significant energy efficiency in the entire property.

The existing facades will be completely replaced, in order to adjust the interior to better environmental standards for workplaces. These new curtain walls will feature in the main building, a plot of constant horizontal brise soleil placed externally, required for the gradation of natural lighting in the interior locations. The balconies arising from the offset volume will become open areas accessible to employees, characterized by shady canopies and vegetation, to create a pleasant and relaxing perceptual continuum between indoor and outdoor environments.

The construction of a new pedestrian entrance is planned, replacing the current one that is unrepresentative and dimensionally inadequate, through the implementation of a circular and transparent building, with the role of “hinge” between the local canteen, auditorium and offices which are accessed from the existing corridor. This new hall will encompass also the telecommunications tower, which will undergo a treatment renovation, that seeks a virtual “dematerialization” of the same through a reflection effect of the surrounding environment. On the covers of the cafeteria and auditorium volumes, next to the new entrance, roof gardens will be built with an insulating effect for the spaces below.

2. The interior

In addition to the rationalization of workstations in open spaces, the project aims to optimize the vertical distribution system and create new social spaces.  To this end, the coverage of the currently existing open-air courts is expected, in order to create a usable, bright environment, a space of transition and relaxation, naturally illuminated by sunlight and suitably screened to obtain degrees of brightness varying according to the seasons. In this environment the new vertical connections will be placed (new elevators and new stairs), making the space the vital center of the building.