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Homepage en visual atelier 8 | rehabilitaion center in shenzhen

visual atelier 8
rehabilitaion center in shenzhen

On Visual Atelier 8 the presentation of the project of the new Rehabilitaion Center in Shenzhen, signed Stefano Boeri Artchitetti. The building, selected as the winner by a jury that included Chinese administrators and international architects such as Peter Cook and Sou Fujimoto, will be fully accessible and integrated into the urban fabric in the Longhua district, adjacent to an urban park and directly connected to the mobility city system.

Entirely dedicated to people with disabilities aged 16 to 60, the Rehabilitation Center is a pilot project that develops a pioneering approach to social inclusion and cohesion on the issue of disability, including multiple functions including rehabilitation, training, recreational and artistic activities, accommodation, museum, education and work spaces.

“Our project opens up a new perspective on the architecture of large rehabilitation centres” says Stefano Boeri. “This is firstly because it perceives the concept of motor and/or cognitive disability not as an example of fragility suffered by a minority of people but as a condition that is common to us all, even if only during one phase of our life. Secondly, it proposes an idea of total accessibility to spaces and rehabilitation services and thirdly because in recognizing the extraordinary therapeutic quality of greenery and nature, it offers an astonishing amount of accessible green and open spaces dedicated to all different styles of rehabilitation.”

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