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Stefano Boeri su Timeline

As part of Timeline, an programme hosted by Marco Carrara every Sunday morning on Rai 3, Stefano Boeri is interviewed on his response to the challenges of the city of the future, linked to the unpredictable events of climate change.

Cities are both the origin and the victims of climate change, and mending the rift with nature, integrating flora and fauna into buildings and the urban context, must be a priority for the cities of the future.

The episode also opens with an intervention by Silvia Gozzi, a psychiatric rehabilitator, who focuses on the floods that have hit Emilia Romagna in recent weeks.

‘We must understand that the great challenges of the coming years will be in the cities. We must succeed in making cities, from being the origin of climate change – as well as the main victims – become the protagonists of a great campaign to try to reduce the effects of climate change.
We have built too much, we continue to build and consume land, and we have built badly, where we should not have built – in hydrogeological risk zones for example. So we have a problem of an already fragile territory, which as a result of climate change is even more exposed to major accidents and hydrogeological and seismic risks. The only thing we can do today is to at least try to reverse this inattention to the territory and start studying the tools to understand what is going to happen, to prevent it,’ says Stefano Boeri.

To watch the whole episode:—Timeline—Puntata-del-04062023-622677f4-7655-40a5-9382-96786fc8bca8.html?