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Press release the wall street journal | be a tourist in milan

the wall street journal
be a tourist in milan

The discrete charm of Milan, known basically to be the financial and industrial main center of Italy, has become in recent years the new place to be for many italian and foreign tourists and a place to stop-by for a week-end even for people travelling on business.

Milan can count on a long tradition in fashion and design that dates back in time and that built the basis for present architects and urban planners that have been implementing a vast new network of tree-shaded parks that create a whole new system that links the piazzas and promenades of its historic center with the green hills and forests that surround it.

Architect Stefano Boeri‘s Vertical Forest, the two residential towers whose façades are covered with tiers of some 800 trees and 12,000 plants, is one of the main attractors of contemporary Milan especially because it out-greens any other building in the city providing a great contribution to urban forestry and biodiversity.

Milan Vertical Forest is one of the new projects that shape Milan new skyline together with Prada Foundation art complex,
designed by architect Rem Koolhaas and his firm OMA, and Mudec (Museum of Culture), by David Chipperfield.