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structural plan presentation
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Piano Strutturale di Viareggio su Il Tirreno

The newspaper Il Tirreno dedicates an article to the presentation of the participatory process for the structural plan for Viareggio, which took place on Friday, April 5th, developed by the Urban Planning Department of Stefano Boeri Architetti.

As shared in the press conference, the aim is an active involvement of citizens that goes beyond regulatory requirements: informational and consultative activities post-initiation of the procedure are accompanied by preliminary phases of participatory social research. These phases involve gathering perceptions and opinions to identify urban opportunities and challenges, through questionnaires, interviews, and field observations.

After the elaboration of the knowledge framework and the definition of objectives, scheduled meetings will follow to discuss and contribute to the documents shaping the Plan and to welcome specific feedback.

This approach values every citizen’s voice, broadening participation even to those who traditionally are less involved in technical planning processes. The Municipality is convinced that daily experiences can become an essential contribution to a deeper understanding of urban dynamics and to a truly shared urban planning.

“The concept of happiness is not philosophical,” said Viareggio Mayor Giorgio Del Ghingaro during the presentation of the participatory process that will accompany the drafting of the plan. “But a concrete concept that can be developed through the study of needs and parallel to the themes of innovation and sustainability.”

The news was also reported by: La Nazione, Noi Tv