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the first vertical forest in asia

February 21st, 2018

Humans always benefit from green environment both physically and psychologically. What if we could live in a green skyscraper which is covered by trees? The influental chinese media published an article on the first Vertical Forest in Asia, talking about how the architects face the challenges of climante change bringing the nature back to the cities.

China, as a country with increasing concerns about air pollution problems, is developing strategies to counteract the tendency and remedy the environmental damages. Building Vertical Forests may be an effective solution to improve the life quality and to reduce pollution in China. The green tower provides a healthier environment by regenerating local biodiversity, absorbing tons of CO2 each year and generating kilograms of oxygen per day.

Following the Vertical Forest that have already been built in MilanStefano Boeri Architetti develops the Nanjing Green Towers in China which will become another example of the project contributing to Urban Forestry and soil demineralization.