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dialogue boeri umbrello

A dialogue between Stefano Boeri and Steven Umbrello, an Italian-Canadian expert on artificial intelligence, is published in Sette, Corriere della Sera’s weekly news magazine. The dialogue focuses on the future of design and architecture, towards “intelligent objects that think”, such as Boeri Studio’s Bosco Verticale, a building that absorbs fine dust, produces oxygen and provides shade and protection for apartments and users.

The article sees an exchange between the two protagonists focusing on the aspects of autonomy that characterise the objects of the present and, above all, of the future – thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence or machine learning technologies.

“We do not always find the perfect solution. We may be faced with original and unexpected cases where we may need much more drastic approaches. In these as in other cases we will have to come up with more creative solutions that reconcile our different moral demands. This is the bottom line or the bottom line of responsible innovation,” says Steven Umbrello.

‘The substantive point is that today things come to make decisions independently of being commanded by us or not, we are well beyond the perimeter of intelligent objects. It seems to me that there is another question, well posed by Steven: what will happen, one day, when we find ourselves surrounded by things with their own intelligence, beyond our intervention?” says Stefano Boeri.

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