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Highlights green building structure conference | paolo russo

green building structure conference
paolo russo

Paolo Russo partecipa alla Green Building Structure Conference

On Monday October 18th, the Green Building Structure Conference is being held in Budapest, attended by Paolo Russo, Project Leader of Stefano Boeri Architetti.

The event, which is also held online and is open to architects, engineers and industry professionals, features presentations and dialogues by various professionals on the most current topics in the contemporary panorama, such as novelties and innovative solutions in the construction of green roofs and walls, technological choices in sustainable buildings, and new technical solutions based on the practical experience of built projects.

Paolo Russo is taking part in the conference with a speech entitled Green Obsession, a design philosophy recently awarded the UN SDG Action Award, as part of the UN SDG Action campaign rewarding initiatives that mobilise, inspire and connect communities to promote positive change.

Green Obsession, Trees Towards Cities, Humans Towards Forests is an approach to architecture and urbanism, but above all it is a way of imagining the future of contemporary cities. Born with the aim of enhancing and implementing the principles of urban forestry, “Green Obsession” has become the title of conferences, public programmes and a book (published by Actar in 2021 and supported by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts).
In all its forms, the Green Obsession campaign aims to connect cities with the natural sphere and to connect experts from different fields and disciplines (scientists, politicians, environmentalists, architects, ethologists, researchers, urban planners, city-makers…) towards the common goal of multiplying trees in cities: both by creating new synergies between them and by supporting the dissemination of urban forestation strategies and nature-based solutions to the general public.

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