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interview with stefano boeri

Intervista a stefano boeri su Rivista Studio

Rivista Studio publishes an interview by Serena Scarpello with Stefano Boeri focusing on the challenges of the city of the future, places that must balance development and sustainability.

The interview, published in the context of the Annual Conference “The Exchange” organized by ManpowerGroup Italy, focuses on the concept of “city,” analyzing its risks, improvements, and developments – from new ways of working, short-term rentals, and Artificial Intelligence, to five perspectives for the future of cities.

“First, shade: in our studio’s projects, we pay a lot of attention to shading public spaces as a precondition for their habitability, a theme that is increasingly crucial. Second, water control: not only because it is an important and scarce resource but also because we know that among the effects of climate change is the spread of adverse weather events, such as floods. We need to think about ‘sponge cities’ capable of absorbing water, retaining it, and making it available for greenery and inhabitants. Third, the increasing development of renewable resources: there are still regulations that make it difficult to use solar power as a technological device for renewable energy. Fourth, mobility: we need to limit the excess of sheet metal, constituted by parked cars on city streets that heat up in the summer and occupy enormous percentages of public space, with initiatives similar to those already implemented in Spain. Fifth, urban planning as a great activity of redistributive justice. Without reducing the current and growing exacerbation of social inequalities, there will never be a serious ecological transition,” says Stefano Boeri.

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