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interview with stefano boeri

intervista di stefano boeri su corriere del veneto

The Corriere del Veneto publishes an interview with Stefano Boeri on the occasion of the event “At the Center of the Suburbs,” where Francesco Bottazzo explores the future challenges of cities.

“We need urban planning to reclaim its role in redistributive justice, meaning a policy capable of compensating for and addressing social inequalities, in terms of access to services, mobility, and life expectations, in order to more equitably redistribute advantages and disadvantages. The goal is for citizens, regardless of their distance from the center, to be able to access essential life services, including cultural and commercial ones. This is the challenge of urban planning. It is also a challenge concerning the significant issue of ecology and important environmental transition. Renewable energies, for instance, have now transformed into fertile, useful, and productive technologies: it is time to truly use them in the broadest way possible, moving towards the energy self-sufficiency of homes and cities,” declares Stefano Boeri.

The article also presents the Plan of Interventions for Padua, designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti, which aims at the regeneration of the city starting from the 33 neighborhoods that comprise it. The goal is to build the “15-minute city,” a city where public green spaces and essential services are located within a 15-minute walking radius, accessible to all citizens.

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