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tackling climate change and poverty

An interview by RIBA Journal Magazine to Stefano Boeri, the architect of the Vertical Forest in Milan, which was shortlisted among four projects for the RIBA International Prize.

A living architecture that, starting from the Milanese prototype, experimented new technological, structural, architectural and botanical solutions to interpret the climatic conditions of the context and to add value to the typologies defined by the defined program.

In the Netherlands, in Eidhoven, the Trudo Vertical Forest conjugate the green prototype in social housing with prefabricated and optimized technological solutions to make ir more affordable to young families. In France the Forêt Blanche proposes a wooden structural solution which is integrated with the idea of an architecture that relates directly to the natural elements. In Lausanne Wonderwoods positions the facade natural system in a dense beehive of loggias together with a system of collective spaces and a mixitè of spaces and functions.


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