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Smart Forest City Cancun in Paris Match

The French magazine Paris Match presents the Smart Forest City of Cancun, a project by Stefano Boeri Architetti for a self-sufficient forest city in Mexico, spanning 557 hectares, capable of hosting up to 130,000 inhabitants.

The Smart Forest City is conceived as a self-sufficient settlement in terms of energy, with a perimeter ring of photovoltaic panels and a water channel connected via an underground system to the sea, allowing sustainable city powering. This choice enables the development of a circular economy around the use of water, a key element of the project, which is collected at the city’s entrance with a large dock and a desalination tower, then distributed through a system of canals – some navigable – allowing its spread throughout the settlement and the irrigation of surrounding agricultural fields. The new Forest City is also at the forefront of mobility with a comprehensive transportation system that requires both residents and visitors to leave combustion vehicles at the city’s edges and relies solely on electric and semi-automatic internal mobility.

It’s an urban ecosystem where nature and city intertwine and act as a single organism, leaving room for wild vegetation within public spaces, considered a fundamental element in the design.

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