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Trudo Vertical Forest su Ohga!

An article is published on the Ohga! website focusing on the figure of Hundertwasser, the Austrian architect known for creating buildings in harmony with nature, inspiring the model developed in the Bosco Verticale (Boeri Studio) in Milan, in which Trudo Vertical Forest by Stefano Boeri Architetti is cited as a continuation of this architectural approach.

Starting with some of Hundertwasser’s most iconic projects in Vienna, such as Kegelgasse 37 in the Landstraße district, which is characterised by soft lines, bright colours and more than 200 plant species including trees and small shrubs, the article develops the arguments for a sustainable integration of architecture and nature.

As a virtuous example of integration between social housing and plants, Trudo Vertical Forest is cited, designed to accommodate mainly low-income users – such as young professionals and students. The complex vision of “housing” coexistence between man and other species is thus amplified in the project into a dual challenge: the possibility of combining the great challenge of the environmental crisis with the urgent need for affordable housing in contemporary cities.

Trudo Vertical Forest, part of the urban renewal plan for “Strijp-S”, generates within the metropolitan environment a new green habitat for the development of biodiversity, a true ecosystem nourished by the coexistence of more than 70 different plant species, capable of combating atmospheric pollution by absorbing CO2 and fine dust.

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