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Stefano Boeri is the guest of Nuove Radici, a podcast focus on the future of the city, promoted by Coima, in collaboration with Chora Media. In the same episode, focusing on sustainability, with the presence of Manfredi Catella and Patricia Urquiola.

“In recent years we have explored different forms of declination of the concept of Vertical Forest in Egypt, China, Mexico and Holland. There are two main variations which we are working on at the moment, one is to make this type of architecture more accessible for everyone, the construction just finished in Eindhoven – the first social housing Vertical Forest – it is an example. The other is to try varying also from the point of view of height and shape. For example, the Bosconavigli in Milan and the Palazzo Verde in Antwerp. They are architectures in courtyard which tend to realize a public green space – in some way – adapt to the height of the buildings to its context.

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