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Login, Corriere della Sera’s tech insert dedicated to innovation, interviews Stefano Boeri about the project “Una promenade verde per il lungomare di Cagliari” (A green promenade for Cagliari’s seafront) – presented by the temporary grouping of MATE Società Cooperativa, Stefano Boeri Architetti, StudioSilva, S.T.P., MIC-HUB, with the archaeologist Demis Massimiliano Murgia, following the tender won for the redefinition of Cagliari’s waterfront – which envisages the redevelopment of the promenade of Via Roma, an intervention on the port front and the redevelopment of Piazza Matteotti.

The new urban and landscape intervention proposes to restore the social and environmental value of Cagliari’s waterfront, through a green promenade that recaptures the original 19th-century function of Via Roma. Starting from the Cagliari tradition of tree-lined avenues, the project defines a continuous, pedestrian and shaded public space that functions as a ‘green lung’ and connector element, both longitudinally between the FFSS station and Piazza Ingrao, and transversally – between the city and the sea.

“We are transforming an expanse of car parks and paved roads into a public pedestrian space accessible to all. The project will not only be a source of comfort for the community, but will also help to tackle environmental problems that are all too common in cities, such as air pollution and the heat island effect. The two squares, the Marina with Largo Carlo Felice and Viale Regina Margherita, will be planted with more than 200 new trees, also respecting the area’s vegetal and botanical history such as ficus and palm trees, and adding holm oaks and Judas trees, plus another system of shrubs and ground cover plants. More than 5,700 square metres of green areas will be created, including a new city park accessible along the Via Roma frontage, which will be enhanced and redesigned in a contemporary key, with great attention to sustainability and forestation,” says Stefano Boeri.

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