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redevelopment of aler houses

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On the website InfoBuild, an article by Pietro Mezzi presents the project for the Redevelopment of the Aler Houses of the U.O.G. Monza Brianza, designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti for two buildings in via Baradello, in the heart of Monza’s productive area.

The project aims to restore dignity to living, towards a quality welfare that includes environmental and economic sustainability and, above all, a quality of living: joint actions on public housing capable of activating paths of urban and social regeneration.
In particular, the intervention, which covers a total area of 8,270 square metres, initially sees a reconnection of the two buildings, which are currently characterised by a divided common space, generating a caesura between the two communities. The creation of common green areas, connected by pedestrian paths and trees, overcomes this division, creating an accessible and shared environment for the inhabitants, while maintaining a distinct and clear identity for the two buildings.

The intervention proposed by Stefano Boeri Architetti for the social housing in Monza is a demonstration that energy self-sufficiency and social inclusion can be the two pillars of a regeneration of Italian social housing, creating a sustainable and quality architecture also for social housing, which thus acquires an identity character and a unique housing standard.

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