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Stefano Boeri sul Foglio

Il Foglio‘s event, “Governing Globalization, Governing Capital, Governing the Future,” held on March 25 is featured in the Milan newspaper. Organized to reason about the economic future and the virtuous relationship that Italy can continue to establish with globalization, innovation, and Europe, it featured several speakers, including Stefano Boeri.

The article describes and summarizes the main issues raised in the meeting – in fact, several experts in the field spoke, such as Maurizio Leo (deputy minister of Economy), Ernesto Ruffini (head of the Revenue Agency), Irene Tinagli (president of the Economic Affairs Commission of the European Parliament), Alessandra Perrazzelli (deputy director general of Bankitalia), Stefano Firpo, (director of Assonime), Pasquale Salzano (Simest president), Carlo Cottarelli and Claudio Cerasa.
From the state of globalization, to financial turmoil, to tax reform, to the issues raised the experts tried to give answers for a more sustainable future.

In his speech Stefano Boeri presented the world picture that sees 50 percent of the world’s population in 3 percent of the Planet’s territory producing 75 percent of the CO2 in circulation; proposing some projects and solutions conceived by Stefano Boeri Architetti studio, such as the Geneva Metropolitan Constellation or Green Urban Oases, a green belt to curb land consumption and desertification

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