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Bosco Verticale su Global Citizen

The Global Citizen website devotes an article to the five most innovative and sustainable international green buildings, including Milan’s Bosco Verticale, a project by Boeri Studio completed in 2014, as a virtuous example of nature-city integration.

The examples range from commercial to residential and mixed-use buildings from around the world-from the United States to Africa, From Italy to the United Kingdom-presenting different approaches and technological solutions to create an environmentally friendly structure that stands out for its sustainable features.

The Bosco Verticale consists of two towers, 80 and 112 m high, housing a total of 800 trees (480 first and second size trees, 300 of smaller size), 15,000 perennials and/or ground cover plants and 5,000 shrubs. A vegetation equivalent to that of 30,000 square meters of forest and undergrowth, concentrated on 3,000 square meters of urban area.
In addition to being energy-efficient, thanks to the integration of living nature, the two towers also contribute to improving air quality in the area and in the city in general: unlike “mineral” facades made of glass or stone, the vegetal screen of the Forest does not reflect or amplify the sun’s rays, but filters them, generating a welcoming indoor microclimate without harmful effects on the environment. At the same time, the green curtain “regulates” humidity, produces oxygen and absorbs CO2 and fine dust.

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