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prato urban jungle

In Corriere della Sera, an article by Damiano Fedeli describes the Prato Urban Jungle project-“the world’s first urban jungle”-in which studio Stefano Boeri Architetti and plant neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso have collaborated. Specifically, the project is part of the European U.I.A. (Urban Innovative Actions) call for proposals for the transformation and redevelopment, through urban forestation, of strategic sites in the city – among them: the residential complex in Viale Turchia and the Estra company headquarters.

Regarding the City of Prato’s overall urban forestation plan, “The rule for the reforestation of Prato is 3 – 30 – 300, that is: at least 3 trees visible from each dwelling, at least 30 percent tree coverage of the municipal territory, a maximum of 300 meters of green area distance from each dwelling,” Mayor Matteo Biffoni stresses.

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