Stefano Boeri Architetti | URBAN TREE LOUNGE
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Creativity, flow, congestion.

Milano Design Week is one of the moments of greatest attraction of the creative class from all over the word.

For one week the streets of Milan are literally invaded by a creative crowd and Superstudio becomes the epicentre of a vital, dynamic flow of people.

Our idea is to create a space for interaction, a place for informal dialogues, an island of relax within the flow of the Design Week.

In this space the visitor can find the chance to take a break from the rush, to isolate him/herself from the mass of people and plunge into a full body experience.

The installation, realized with 3M materials assembled in a creative and unconventional way, becomes a total landscape, integrating sound, image and touch into an immersive sensorial experience.

Urban tree lounge is a moment of pause from the congestion that becomes viral as it creates a surreal landscape in which bodies are immersed in a suspended atmosphere.


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