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Highlights webinar | stefano boeri and domenico de masi

stefano boeri and domenico de masi

On Monday 8 June, Stefano Boeri takes part in a Webinar in dialogue with Domenico De Masi for the online conference cycle “Listening to Architecture“. The event, organized by the Order of Architects PPC of Rome, has the intent to compare and to give voice to renowned scholars and architects to make them try to better understand the meaning of building in its historical becoming, of how the architecture is reread in the light of unexpected contingencies and how this discipline becomes essential in proposing solutions by orienting the social debate.

Stefano Boeri, on this occasion, exposes some reflections that emerged from the Covid-19 emergency: “Anticity is not Something Else than the city we know and live in; it is not a carcinogenic form and neither is his death. It is a karst river that has always flowed in the veins of every urban community. A river that collects the vital energies of daily life and pushes them towards individualism and fragmentation; and that sometimes, suddenly, explodes”.

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