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Highlights uabb 2023 | stefano boeri architetti

uabb 2023
stefano boeri architetti

From 11 March to 7 May, the ninth edition of the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (UABB) is being held in Qianhai Shenzhen-Hongkong, within which Stefano Boeri Architetti China is curating the Dual Carbon City exhibition.

The event has as its theme Oceanowledge City, the interaction between ocean and city and their mutual influences.
Due to climate changes affecting ocean temperatures, sea levels and weather patterns, coastal cities all over the world, including Shenzhen, are heavily affected.

The section of the exhibition curated by Stefano Boeri Architetti delves into the design approach and philosophy that guides the projects of Stefano Boeri and his studio. In particular, the interventions and visions at different scales that see an important presence of vegetation, as an element to clean the air, protect from heat and fine dust, and mitigate land use and the human footprint, are exhibited and described: the exhibition ranges from the Vertical Forests built in Milan, Eindhoven and Huanggang, to the plan for Tirana2030, the vision for the future of the Albanian capital that reduces by two-thirds the forecasts for the demographic development of the urban area, in favour of a green and accessible city for all, under the banner of functional plurality and mix of activities; and up to projects aimed at reconnecting large-scale ecological corridors, such as A Green River for Milan, Parco Italia and Green Urban Oases.

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