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Highlights the new matera centrale fal railway station

the new matera centrale fal railway station

Designing a railway station implies somehow to know very well the city the station becomes the access gate to.
The project is intended to give greater visibility to the Matera Central FAL Railway Station which is no longer to be considered simply as a necessary service structure sufficient for the railway connection, but a genuine and significant urban landmark, adapted to the primary urban and territorial function that the new service aspires to fulfill in step with the important role that the City of Matera represents in Europe as Capital of Culture 2019.
Interpreting the public space as a sequence of voids, that also receive the light in a different manner, the sun light first, that for instance is reflected in many ways by the platform roof creating reflection effects, according to us was the right way to anticipate what is one of the most extraordinary experiences of perception that you have walking through the Sassi of Matera, of a space in continuous transformation: from recesses to canals, from canal to galleries and caverns, that in fact are a system of multiple voids and lights.

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Stefano Boeri Architetti:
Arch. Stefano Boeri
Arch. Marco Giorgio, Arch. Maddalena Maraffi, Arch. Bogdan Peric, Arch. Elisabetta Zuccala, Arch. Stefano Floris, Arch. Esteban Marquez, Arch. Daniele Barillari, Arch. Agostino Bucci

SCE Project (Progetto Strutture), ESA Engineering (Progetto Impianti), GAD (Cost Analysis), Studio Laura Gatti (Progettazione del Paesaggio)
Studio Lapacciana (Progettazione antincendio), Arch. Angelo Francione (Pratiche amministrative e coordinamento della sicurezza), Apogeo (Indagini geologiche e rilievi topografici), Ing. Ciammarusti (Assistenza progettazione strutturale)

Video produced by The Blink Fish for Stefano Boeri Architetti:
Executive producer The Blink Fish: Paolo Soravia
Videographer The Blink Fish: Stefano Santamato
Drone camera Stefano Boeri Architetti: Giovanni Nardi
Video coordinator Stefano Boeri Architetti: Camilla Pusateri